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When it comes to reaching your goals motivation and positive attitude is 75% of the effort needed to succeed… what is the remaining 25%? it is your financial strategy, let us help you with that…. Watch our motivational videos👇

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How to buy a house, How to reach your financial goals (spanish version: Como alcanzar sus metas)


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Your Family financial life can look more like this after you take our money lessons.

“We now understand the basics of investing and we know what is our risk tolerance so that we can invest wisely for our future, plus we acquired the right insurance policies  to protect our income and our family.”

Helena, Sacramento, Ca.

“After taking the course we now measure our financial success and feel successful no matter what “everybody else” is doing plus we feel confident by setting aside enough money to cover any emergencies that can come up.”

Lisa ,Burlington On.

“Having no luck with banks, calls all day from collections, stressing out hardcore and companies giving massive run around. Moneylesson gave me tools to manage my financial options.  It’s a great feeling with my debt in the home run.”

Andres, Muskoka, On

“I’ve learnt so much and I am so grateful to Moneylesson for helping understand my financial options.  I’m working on paying debt and the advice from Moneylesson has been very helpful.”

Maria, Miami, Florida

“I highly recommend talking the moneylessons to get you started in better understanding what options you may have in the finance realm.”

Francesca, Toronto, On

“Moneylesson.org t’s a great platform to learn a variety of topics related to personal finance from the comfort of your home. It makes learning so much fun, with it’s diverse teachers and their experiences. Thanks to Moneylesson I was able to get my financial life back on track with very practical real world solutions.”

Nardia, New Jersey.

We want to help you.

Hi, I’m Santiago Garcia, PFP®, MBA founder of Moneylesson.org owned by Finmarket Inc., a Toronto-based financial company whose mission is to teach individuals and families the art of managing their money the fun and simple way. After 20 years of working in the corporate world of financial planning I realized I wanted to work with clients the same way I talk about money with my family–in a fun, personal, compassionate, relatable and nonjudgmental way. After all I’ve been through the same money challenges, concerns, milestones and successes you probably have. I invite you to get better with your money with our straight forward but powerful money management and personal finance strategies.

Our Promise

We are confident that our courses will help you. Please share our work and become a money.tutor by helping others get ahead with their money

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