How to get exposure to the real estate market if you can’t qualify for a mortgage?

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While home prices keep surging in Canada, affordability decreases and the possibility of getting exposed to the real estate market becomes difficult for many. What is pushing home prices at this pace? Four main factors: 1. Our record low interest rates, 2. COVID-19 and the impacts of inflation on asset prices as a result of printing money, 3. Reduced supply (less available homes for sale) and 4. People want to move to the suburbs to have bigger spaces as a result of the “working from home phenomenon”. In places like Oakville the median price was up 34.6% across all property types over March 2020 and the average detached home in this suburb now costs $1.8m while the average townhouse $1.13m.

What is the best option?

The traditional “old school” option is through REITs (real estate investment trusts) which allow you to buy units of a trust that invests on a pool of commercial, residential or retirement living real estate. REITS were a good idea pre-Covid when commercial real estate was in much demand, however the nature of REITs still has two main drawbacks: 1. The pool of real estate properties is completely unknown to investors and can weigh on high risk sectors such as commercial real estate (i.e. post pandemic) and 2. the promoter of the trust does not necessarily hold exposure on the trust itself.

In contrast to real estate investment trust there is a new and more transparent way to invest in real estate which is based on real estate crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows multiple individuals to invest in property at a price point they are comfortable with and, at the same time, reduce the risk that comes with any investment since the risk is spread across the “crowd”.

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What is addy? 

addy is a new prop-tech start-up (headquartered in Vancouver, BC) that provides an online investment platform to enable Canadians to invest in real estate for an amount that fits their budget without any life-altering sacrifices. The mission is to enable every human to be a homeowner by reducing the barrier to entry down to $1.

How does it work? 

1) addy identifies a real estate investment opportunity.

Purchase decisions are made collectively by the addy acquisitions team, investment committee and their Board of Directors which has a track record of investing in and managing real estate. 

2) addy divides the investment into equal parts. The real estate investment opportunity is broken out into increments valued at $1. For example, a $500K opportunity would be divided up into 500K units.

3) addy sells units for $1. Units in the investment are listed for sale on their platform. Investors can decide how much they want to invest ranging from $1 to $1,500. Through technology, it offers a chance for everyone to get into real estate. Making real estate investing available to everyone is what excites and unites addy’s team of real estate experts, entrepreneurs, and technologists.

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