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Our Financial Planners have over 20 years of experience facing the realities of families going through different stages of their lives such as divorce, retirement, high indebtedness and high stress for money issues.

You can become a money blogger by supporting any of our 4 Financial literacy projects:

Write a Money Lesson:

If you want to share your knowledge and experience and want to co- write a post or your own money lesson please send us an email at lesson@moneylesson.org or click the button below:

Support or free financial plan program:

If you want join us and support us in any way our free financial plan program send us an email at learn@moneylesson.org. We work with vulnerable clients and provide a free financial plan that helps them optimize their cash flow and evaluate the areas where they can save. We help them decrease high interest debt and convert debt balances into low rate debt making possible to get out debt. Did you know that 53 % of Canadians don’t have a Financial Plan?. Canadians who have a financial plan reach their milestones and achieve their ambition.

Share our free financial literacy media:

Share with others through your social media account our financial literacy materials: online courses, webinars, podcasts and videos available on our website and on social media.

Give a gift that inspire others through our motivational products (WealtHealth®)

Give a gift that inspire others. Whenever you purchase one of our motivational products (mugs, t-shirts, posters) you are creating wealth for yourself and for others because you are re-defying how you think about wealth. Spreading the word of wealth for others creates wealth. Through our merchandise we remind people how to live a Healthier, Wealthier and Happier life. We have introduced the concept of weatlthealth® and want to spread it through our message and our merchandise. It is a new way of making tangible the satisfaction of knowing that wealth is a concept of the mind. How much money makes you rich? it is the amount of money needed to satisfy your passion in life. For many the passion in life is derived from the simple things that make life enjoyable.

Wealth is strong family bonds.
Wealth is what you already have.
Wealth is helping people get what they want.
Wealth is what you put back into the stream of human consciousness. After cancer, wealth is still being alive.

Moneylesson’s team take away:

Throughout our Career as Financial Planners we have helped Clients reach their personal and financial Goals. In return we have learned an important lesson: motivation is 75% of the effort needed in reaching our goals – the rest is our strategy to get there.

Enjoy, Learn and Inspire others to reach their Goals by Sharing our work.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” 

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