Which is the best money APP out there?

After the Pandemic hit on 2020 many financial institutions have launched money apps, are all of these apps the same? No, in our view most of these apps selling point is the same which is trying to keep clients enrolled in their financial institutions by offering financial goals and options to invest virtually in these goals. However we found one app that is different to every app out there, it is an app that actually helps people to save and invest at the same time by rounding up your purchases and invests the spare change in a fully-managed diversified
portfolio of Exchange-Traded Funds, according to your financial goal, time horizon, financial profile and risk

Automated saving and investing
o Roundups (i.e. automatically round up your purchases and invest spare change)
o The multiplier: Multiply your spare change by a factor from 1 to 8
o Recurring weekly deposits and one-time boosts
o N.B. Every Moka account is an investment account. Saving with Moka = Investing with Moka.
● Unlimited tax-fee accounts
● Socially responsible investing
● Cashback Perks
● Round Up to Give, a charity donation feature
● The Referral Program: When you refer someone with your unique link (which you can find in the app) you
and that person will both receive $5.

reference the Moka taglines:
● Invest spare change.
● Save more. Spend less. Invest smarter.